7.1.11 - First 7 days !!!

Hey guys, I am back after 4 days. But these were the longest 4 days I ever had.

As I told you, I went out for dinner with my sister. We had a lovely dinner and it was good to spend some quality time with her. My mom even sent me some dry fruits, blanket, a dress for the girl I love.
Now, she is the girl with whom I wanted to spend my valentine’s day as I have written in my bucket list. But yesterday she asked me to never call her again and last night had been the longest after the night my dad died. I missed her, I am missing her even now and I know I will keep on missing her, but that’s life, full of disappointments sprouting exactly at the exact places and times where you don’t want them. I can’t do anything to stop it from happening, but will I stop loving her and move on? Yes I will move on and be happy but she is the girl I love. I will still keep on loving her and trust my love, I will be hopelessly hopeful and one day I know she will be back. I have to wait for that day, but I will smile, I will make new friends and make a successful career for myself as she always wanted. She had always prayed for my future, and I won’t let her prayers go in vain. I will smile and be happy, because that is all she ever wanted and will wait for her.

Anyway, thank to Karen D’silva I got this chance to write for Chicken Soup, I even checked their site and found so many categories in which I can write. I think that is a good chance for me, because if I have to publish my novel, it might be useful to publish in a widely read magazine first. So, I hope it happens. On the other hand, I have written a new chapter in my novel. It had been tough writing it because of my mental status but then you have to chase your dreams despite all the troubles to achieve it.

There is one more problem that has come up, I might have to leave the flat within one week as the owners have sold it. According to contract, my owners can’t ask me to leave the place before 11 months i.e. before May. Plus, even if I agree to leave they have to give a month’s notice. Right now I have two options, fight with them or just change the flats. I will just go with the flow, I think from now onwards I will just leave myself to the mercy of my life. I will just trust the flow; let me see where my life takes me. I will try to welcome this new change no matter how hard it is, I will try to be happy.

There has been a difference in me during past few days, after all the troubles and difficult situations I have faced this year, I never blamed god. I didn’t complain to him, but just prayed to him and tried to trust his actions. I know it will be difficult in the beginning but then nothing is easy until you try to make it easy. I know if he closes one door then he always opens other. Let see what new opportunities I have. Will keep you guys informed.

Cya, hope I am happier next time I meet you guys. J

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  1. Meher S B says:

    I want to see you happy. The girl should come back, you guys have something real good to lose. And congratulations for the Chicken Soup, I'm happy for you. =]
    And going with the flow is a good idea, it will make the good out of you.

  2. Sakshi says:

    Heyyy !!!
    Glad with all the decisions that you are taking. Going in the right direction mate.
    Good luck with Chicken Soup! :))

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